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TrackSpeed Motorsports is a racing team currently competing in the South-Eastern division of the SCCA in Improved Touring (IT) and Production (P) classes, past or reigning champions of ITA (2003) and FP (2008). We specialize in import track day and road racing applications, but have experience in a wide variety of motorsports applications from vintage to off-road, and everything in between. TrackSpeed Motorsports remembers why we go racing: to have fun! We strive for a relaxed, family-friendly environment where the enjoyment of cars and motorsport is our goal, and safely doing so is our top priority.

We offer trackside support and hospitality, car transportation, repair, maintenance, and building services for performance and racing cars in the SCCA, NASA, SVRA, BMWCCA, PCA, PBOC, NHRA, and other sanctions. We offer in-car and trackside Driving Instruction at racing events and schools as well as High Performance driving events (HPDEs) such as The Dark Side. We have a catalogue of custom parts, and can find or engineer whatever is needed to get the job done right, safely, and within the rules.

Let us help you become a better racer in a better car, and to have more fun doing it!